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Why We Believe?

Human beings are a part of a vast web of interconnected species and systems that fit together in intricate ways, enabling the whole system to continue. There are limits to how much our population can grow, how much we can use our non-renewable sources and how much we can alter our surrounding environment, without causing changes that will reverberate throughout that web and jeopardize our own future.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Power generation bills are expected to top US $ 150 billion over the next 20 years in the Gulf region alone. So are we still supposed to really on our non – renewable resources for energy production?


Energy efficiency has emerged as a major environmental issue that, due to regulation and higher energy prices, is now a growing and important energy business segment in its own right. Economic growth and consumer trends, combined with technological improvements, will only reinforce this emerging industry that is increasingly targeted by both utilities and energy services companies.

The world is meeting its energy needs. The big catch is whether the world's energy needs can be met in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Many of us in our community have become interested in the idea of "sustainability" because it implies that rather than being in conflict, a healthy economy is dependent on a healthy natural and social environment. It suggests that we can have good jobs and a habitable planet at the same time. The public demands that we work to enhance our local quality of life while we continue to improve and protect our natural environment. Furthermore, our community is more sustainable when we invite its diverse points of view into the forum of discussion on our future.

Managing the environment for sustainable growth is a challenge for all of us. PTL Solar™ is committed to deliver the most effective and energy efficient solutions for sustainable growth. Our commitment is to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities by developing and commercializing energy and related products and services that reduce the environmental and social impact of energy production and use.

We believe that sustainability is a robust concept. Sustainability is not simply ensuring that development in the present does not compromise the needs of future generations of humans, but also about facilitating the long-term sustainability of ecosystems - a prerequisite for the sustainability of our children and future generations.

At its heart, sustainability means being careful with the natural gifts we have been given, being good, being willing to work for long-term progress


SuperBrand of the year award for the UAE in 2015 was won by PTL Solar, presented at the UAE superbrands event held at the Hotel Festival City Dubai.

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