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Capt. Ryan Gregg, Officer Commanding, Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team:

"We have installed GRENLite™ systems at Kandahar and besides vehicles hitting the poles and knocking them over they are working very well"

Ali bin Towaih, Executive Director of SEED and ENPARK:

“TECOM Investments’ sustainable development policy aims to create a market for clean technology projects that will reduce our carbon footprint. Today, with the help of our business partners we are executing projects that will take us forward in our sustainability drive. We are privileged to implement the project with PTLSOLAR™, leaders in green technology and our business partner at ENPARK”

Ismail Al Naqi, Executive Director of DOZ:

“As a responsible master developer, we are proud to adopt a sustainable solution that will not only provide the most suitable environment for our business partners, but also contribute to generating considerable benefits to future generations. The solar power solution for the car park is only the first step in a series of green-friendly measures envisaged for the outsourcing park”

Marwan Al Qamzi, Managing Director, Palm Jebel Ali and Waterfront:

“Nakheel seeks to demonstrate leadership in the area of sustainability. PTL Solar's solar car parking lights is a great example of the sustainable technologies that provide high efficiency energy saving,' said Marwan Al Qamzi, Managing Director, Palm Jebel Ali and Waterfront”

Fabio Castello, General Manager, Scania CV AB:

“Especially with the green approach of Dubai, it was easy to find suppliers here… We are eliminating concretes, wiring, distribution, boards, everything and you just have a simple standing pole, a battery with a solar panel and lighting that has been used here in Dubai in other places like Dubai media city, emirates tower by PTLSOLAR™ which are tried and tested. This was one of our main concerns because there are a lot of products available but not tested to this environment, to this humidity, to the heat here in summer. So we really went to those that had some historic that its proven for this part of the world”


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Energy has been headline news, top agenda for governments and a growing concern for everyone. It is becoming increasingly apparent that linking the interests of businesses, governments and consumers around the world takes only one degree:

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