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Solar School Products

1kW SUN-Station

The SUN-station is a revolutionary solar power generator developed by PTL SOLAR. The system consists of solar panels, an inverter that converts DC power from the solar array to the AC power the school uses and is connected into the utility grid. When the sun is shining clean renewable solar energy will be supplied to the school.

If connection to the grid is not an option then the SUN-station can be upgraded to a stand alone system with the generated solar power stored in batteries and then power supplied to a dedicated circuit. Display instrumentation will also be included. This will provide real time performance data allowing students to monitor the daily and cumulative production of electricity from the system.
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Solar Powered Flood Lights

Light up the school grounds with our award winning solar powered street lights and flood lights.

School Crossing Lights

Make the school carpark a safer place with solar powered safety lights.

Low Watt LED and CFL Lights

Upgrade those energy sapping, old technology, high maintenance lights with latest technology, low watt and super reliable LED and CCFL lights. PTL Solar can not only supply the lights but we can also provide an energy audit of your school and show you how you can save on energy, power and maintenance costs.

10W Solar Lighting Kits

The kits include advanced crystalline solar cells and efficient LED and CCFL lighting and can be utilized for permanent, temporary and emergency lighting. These high efficiency, compact, easy to install and cost effective kits are fully self-contained and available at competitive prices.

Educational Kits

PTL Solar are also able to develop a suite of educational solar kits to provide creative and interactive ways for the teacher and students to engage in educational activities.

For further possibilities refer to our website for details of the many solar options available and contact PTL Solar@ +9714 439 0044 or mail us at so we can help you explore the solar power possibilities to enable you to become a “Solar School”.

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Solar Power Backup System

The electrical grid can be used as a standby in case the batteries get too low.

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