Solar Power Backup System

Solar Power Backup System

Many people have installed gas or diesel generators to power their houses where electricity is not found. These units can run reliably for days or even weeks at a time, but they also require refueling. Additionally, generators require maintenance, the engine oil needs to be changed, and they need to be exercised periodically. Solar panels need almost no maintenance, perhaps in a prolonged dry spell; the dust could be washed off once in a while.

Solar powered backup system requires no fuel and if properly sized can run your critical household electric load indefinitely. These systems can be individually sized according to the load calculations. Additionally, they can be configured as a normally solar powered system that is backed up by the electrical grid.

The electrical grid can be used as a standby in case the batteries get too low. A reserve charge can be built in to the battery bank to run the critical loads in absence of both sun and grid power.

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