Solar for Defense

Solar for Defense

Solar Energy – A Big Ally for Army Troops

Living deprived lives away from humanity leaves the soldiers with very little choice to keep them entertained and in touch with the close ones. Finding their ways in unknown land is not as easy. One of the most critical aspects of supplying our military forces is getting power to them. In most places today, that means getting petroleum or diesel fuel to them to run generators. It’s high time we develop a more efficient way of using that energy, as well as alternative ways of generating energy.

So, the troops in the battlefields will now carry a new weapon to combat enemy- Solar power.

At present, soldiers carry up to 70kg of equipment, out of which about 10% is the weight of the batteries that are required to charge their radios, counter-measure devices and flashlights. To lighten their backpacks, PTL Solar™ is proposing the use of thermoelectric and photovoltaic devices in the battle fatigues that will generate electricity to charge their remote telecom applications, mountain-top repeater sites, hand tools, laptop charging, dedicated load lighting, portable communication radio power systems, night vision goggles, power ranging from lighting to ventilation to power field, GPS and water purification systems.

To learn more about this program and how these solar powered applications and gadgets are serving the soldiers in difficult situations please download brochure.

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