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CEO Message

ptl solar ceoDear Energy Saviors,

Energy has been headline news, top agenda for governments and a growing concern for everyone. It is becoming increasingly apparent that linking the interests of businesses, governments and consumers around the world takes only one degree: the challenges of carbon emission management, coping with a resource-constrained, highly competitive future and development of renewable energy sources.

In the last hundred years, we have used half of the planet’s fossil fuel reserves for energy and transport rapidly releasing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Now is the time to commit to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities by developing and commercializing solar energy and related products.

Even without considering environmental impacts, it is clear that at some stage we will not be able to meet our ever increasing energy needs from a finite supply of these non-renewable resources. Hence, the coming years evoke power, reliability and sustainability – a prerequisite for the sustainability of our future generations.

With our core competency – power, reliability and sustainability, we are confident of providing the right solar solutions to support you in this fast changing environment.

By utilizing the energy which flows daily from the sun, it’s attainable to have less polluted cities and reduced CO2 emissions. Growth is not always sustainable; but sustainability is an opportunity for growth. Powering sustainable growth is evolutionising harmony between environment, society and economy.