Green Airports

Green Airports

Achieving green and efficient airports – Integrated solutions from PTL Solar™

The challenges facing the air travel industry are immense, and will continue to increase in the near future – especially with respect to environmental issues. To meet these challenges, airports must develop new strategies to improve energy efficiency. PTL Solar™ can help you to minimize the environmental impact of your airport and, at the same time, maximize its competitiveness. With our wide-ranging expertise in the process and technologies of lighting, power generation and distribution, we can offer you reliable, sustainable and quality product support.

Solar Aviation and Obstruction Lighting

The light systems used for airports, runways, obstructions, and other visual aids at night are other important aspects of night flying. Lighted airports located away from congested areas can be identified readily at night by the lights outlining the runways.

Aviation lights are designed and installed in a variety of colors and configurations, each having its own purpose. Obstructions or areas considered hazardous to aerial navigation are indicated by beacons producing red flashes. Built to exacting standards, PTL Solar™ is UAE’s authorized distributor for Solar Aviation Division of Carmanah Technologies Corporation, Canada, the world leader in solar powered LED lighting solutions for aviation and marine applications.

For different models on aviation and obstruction lights, please download brochure here.

Solar Helipad Lighting

Whether for permanent or expedited emergency helipad zones, Carmanah solar helipad lighting and landing guidance system is an intelligent, long-term investment. With complete portability, solar lights from an existing helipad can be easily relocated to create a makeshift helipad in a safer or more convenient location. Carmanah's products have been engineered to be extremely durable and reliable while installed nearly anywhere on Earth. They will survive extended exposure to the environment, extreme swings in ambient temperature from -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to +80°C ), shock, heavy vibration and UV degradation.

Solar Power Generation

Whether the airport requires rooftop solar power systems providing power to a remote telecommunications facility, or anything in between PTL Solar™ is a name you can rely on.
PTL Solar™ uses industry leading components to produce optimal power output and greatest life cycle for the stand alone system. Each system is designed to suit individual customer requirements; therefore each system is available in a variety of input and output voltages depending on the equipment that requires power.


  • High Efficiency Solar Modules
  • Lead – acid technology batteries
  • Solar charge controller and / or inverters
  • Custom designed mounting systems are also available
  • Enclosures are designed for harsh environments


  • Emergency Airfield Lighting
  • Windsocks
  • Tower and Crane Marking
  • Navigation Beacons
  • ERGL Solar Elevated Runway Guard Light

Environmental Impact of Aviation

The aviation industry, undoubtedly one of the most vital and essential industries in today’s global economy, is a source of rising controversy due to its disproportionate contribution to greenhouse gases and to conventional air pollution. Although aviation’s environmental impact is not limited to emissions from aircraft, these emissions represent the biggest challenge.

The growth of the aviation industry and its contribution to local and global pollution is inconsistent with the principles of environmental sustainability and the urgency to curb emissions.

Today, options to address aviation emissions are being considered by governments and aviation and environmental organizations. These options include fuel taxes and charges based on CO2 loads, voluntary measures enacted by airports or airlines, such as procedures to burn less fuel on the ground, and emissions trading. The fuel consumption efficiency of commercial aircraft engines has improved tremendously in recent years.

Clearly, electric lighting is an important cost factor in the operation of terminals and airfields. One solution to this problem is offered by solar energy aviation lights, which use clean and free electricity while producing the same quantity of light, last much longer than conventional lamps and generate about half a ton less of CO2 emissions over their life spans.

What We Do?


Provide world class energy efficient / renewable energy solutions and ensure customer’s peace of mind through best business practices, credible skills, support system and responsibility.

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Strategic and effective partnerships are vital to the prompt delivery of customized solutions. Provide our clients the best solutions by working together, - understanding their requirements and providing expert solutions. This we achieve by linking our partnership and capabilities with world’s leading manufacturers.

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Build a robust renewable energy market by increasing demand and supply of renewable products; Promote the idea that environmentally based renewable energy and energy efficiency programs are the key components for sustainable growth and sustainable future.

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