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Corporate Environment Responsibility

Environmental protection is a concern, for a good reason: Global greenhouse gas emissions have increased tremendously and continue to grow, with an average warming of 0.2°C by decade for the next thirty years. This is why more and more individuals and organizations need to realize there responsibility.

The challenge for the energy industry is therefore to implement, in the course of its expansion, genuine environmental program that can produce precise ecological improvements.

PTL Solar’s environmental vision is therefore to demonstrate the corporate environmental responsibility in business operation can be a positive force creating economic opportunities around the world. With a rising number of business set-up comes corporate responsibility for mitigating business impact on the natural environment. At PTL Solar, we seek to understand and act on direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business operations.

This commitment to the environment is more than just a program. Therefore we at PTL Solar™ realize environmental quality is part of the corporate culture and has set this as our goal since we started in 2005.

Through sales of Renewable Energy Products PTL Solar™ has saved more than 6500 Metric tonnes of CO2 Emissions, 44,100 Kgs of SO2 and 14,931 Kgs of NO2 Emissions in 2010. This equates to 484, 218 gallons of Gasoline.

The existence of a win-win situation has been widely speculated by the adoption of CER in every business. This is a welcome development that gives assurance of being a part of a global movement, responsibly preserving the planet and local community. To know more about our CER activities, please mail cer@ptlsolar.com

What We Do?


Provide world class energy efficient / renewable energy solutions and ensure customer’s peace of mind through best business practices, credible skills, support system and responsibility.

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.” David Joseph Schwartz


Strategic and effective partnerships are vital to the prompt delivery of customized solutions. Provide our clients the best solutions by working together, - understanding their requirements and providing expert solutions. This we achieve by linking our partnership and capabilities with world’s leading manufacturers.

“Each client is a partnership, a conversation. You are only going to be able to go as far as they wish to go, in a way. That makes all the difference.” Lindy Roy


Build a robust renewable energy market by increasing demand and supply of renewable products; Promote the idea that environmentally based renewable energy and energy efficiency programs are the key components for sustainable growth and sustainable future.

"The time is always right to do what is right." Martin Luther King, Jr

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